Bubbles Dive Center
Bubbles Dive Center leadership goals have been to promote safe, fun, continuous learn programs and instill support for community dive/non dive related activities with our students, dive clubs and general public at large.

This commitment has been indoctrinated into our basic dive program to instructor level courses. This leadership has been and will always continue to focus our goal for all for divers of all ages, background, and sex, to excel in the lifestyle of recreational scuba diving. Bubbles Dive Center
Treats al of students with respect, integrity and honesty.

For over 38 years of diving and Scuba Dive Instruction and services we have been at the fore front of Dive Education with continuous professional learning. By attending Dive Shows like Diver Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA), Regional and National Dive Consumer Shows, Dive Clubs Events, conducting exploration, presenting lectures, videos, photography , distributing our own publication “Bubbles” and writing for other publications on the
Environment/diving/education and providing articles to local and international Dive Club Newsletters.
Our Background includes:
A long history of dive related experiences from commercial shellfish to expert dive education. Conducting small boat operations, boat hull inspections and cleaning and mooring inspections. We have experience with certifications as a volunteer Fire Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, PADI Master Instructor, PADI Medic First Aid Instructor, Diver Alert Network (DAN) Instructor Trainer, World Association of Scuba Instructors (WASI) IT, and Technical Diver International (TDI) Nitrox Instructor, TDI SDI Open Water(O/W) Instructor. Bubbles instructor has logged over 6400 dives. Has completed dives in Japan, Florida Keys, Hawaii, New England, NY, Mid Atlantic, California, Gulf Coast, Bahamas and Mexico in lakes, ponds, river, quarries, and caves. Etc. Also has certificated over 1000 students
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